Re: Gonna try me Laptop w/VOX tonite on 706 - Hints ????

n7hj <n7hj@...>

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Thought, just in case this 232/USB adapter dont work I should try this
in VOX to see how it works. That and see how far off the sound card
is (using MIXW2.16b1) .... So If you hear me calling CQ tonite, give
me a few to A. Figure out vox B. Figure out how far off I am

Any other hints good too :D

Scotty N7HJ

Well POOOO that didnt work. Got sound out via controls, either
speaker or out into headphones, Mike in is just fine, plenty of Volume
to decode no problem there.

No Vox, Vox works on Microphone, but the 13 pin plug I have the Rascal
plugged into, No workie with vox.


Scotty N7HJ

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