Re: arrl is accepting eqsls for dxcc credit

Steve W3HF

Currently eQSL can only mail out to US
addresses, but I expect that we might(???) see eQSL mailing points
cropping up in DX locations to provide the same service there w/o DX
postage costs. That would be pretty cool...
I've been thinking about this since last evening, when I first saw this
announcement. If any overseas 070 member is interested, I would
be happy to be a "mailing point" for you, and forward to you cards
"in bulk." US mailing rates are US$0.80 per ounce, and one ounce
should be able to mail multiple cards. (I do not know how many
since I only ordered my first mailed eQSL last night.)

One other note, though. Although it appears to be true that Bill
Moore has sent that email that "authorizes" mailed eQSLs, we still
have not heard a formal announcement from the ARRL or the
"higher-ups" in the DXCC heierarchy. I believe that the positions
stated by Bill in his email are exactly correct, and by any reasonable
interpretation of the DXCC rules this is okay. Bill's email has stated
his position, but he is "only" the DXCC Supervisor. (I just checked
on the ARRL web site.) He must administer rules as developed and
interpreted by the DX Advisory Committee. Until we see a formal
statement from them, this interpretation could be at risk.

And I hate to be a cynic here, as it is not my general nature. But we
are talking about business here, and if ARRL starts accepting
eQSLs, it will be a viable competitor to their own Logbook of the
World program.

I hope my fears are unwarranted, as I would like this to work. And
as I've said, I have already started ordering some paper eQSLs for
countries that I have not QSLed yet on paper. But I believe there is
plenty of room for skepticism, and I look forward to a formal
announcement from the ARRL, one way or another, early next week.


P.S. Does the term "paper eQSL" strike anyone else as an

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