arrl is accepting eqsls for dxcc credit

kg9ni <kg9ni@...>

Hello all. ARRL is accepting eQSLs that are printed and mailed via
the eQSL mailing service for DXCC credit...this is big news. The eQSL
cost is still a buck a card--less than direct DX postage in most cases
(I think) & a lot faster. Currently eQSL can only mail out to US
addresses, but I expect that we might(???) see eQSL mailing points
cropping up in DX locations to provide the same service there w/o DX
postage costs. That would be pretty cool...

News at: (login and read the news...February 8, 2002 email
from Bill Moore, NC1L, is there in its entirety)

Thanks to Bob, VX4XA (VE4XA) for letting me know!


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