2002 TDW


Announcing the 2002 Edition of the 070 Club Three Day Weekend (TDW)

Purpose - To work as many 070 Club members as possible in the allotted time
using PSK31 mode. All 070 Club members work each other. Contacts with
non-members do not count for this event.

Date - 0000Z May 31, 2002 to 2400Z June 2, 2002.

Exchange - Callsign, signal report, your first name and your 070 Club number.
Use the member number from your 070 Club certificate. (ex: KA3X de N3DQU 599
Jay 010 kn). Call "CQ 070".

Bands - All HF bands, 160 thru 6 meters, no WARC bands. Work each station
once/band. All contacts must be 2-way PSK31. No repeater, cross-mode or
cross-band contacts allowed.

Scoring :
QSO points - Each contact with an 070 Club member counts one (1) QSO point,
dupes count zero (0) points. Contacts with non-members do not count for this

Multipliers - Each different 070 Club member number worked, the maximum to be
announced. (Note: The multiplier maximum is based on the total number of 070
Club members. This number will be announced approximately 3 days before the
start of this event. When the multiplier maximum is announced, new member
applications received by KA3X will not be processed until after the
conclusion of the 070 Club Three Day Weekend to keep the multiplier from

Bonus - Each contact with the following stations count as one hundred (100)
bonus points: OK1VSL, AA8QQ, KF4FHS. Bonus stations will be listed in a
separate category.

Final score - (Total QSO Points) x (Total Different 070 #'s) + (Total Bonus
Points) = Final Score.

Awards - Top scores from AS, EU, AF, NA, SA, OC and top scoring Bonus Station
will receive a certificate and a special endorsement for their 070 Club
certificate. In addition, all entries received showing 10 or more contacts
will receive an endorsement for their participation.

Entries - Send log data showing date, time(z), band, exchange received and
claimed score. Be sure to also include your call and 070 Club member number
in your entry. Please send your entry as a .txt file via email (best way) to
N3DQU@aol.com or via post to:

Jay Budzowski
109 S. Northview Ave
New Castle, PA 16102-1633 USA

All entries must be received by July 1, 2002. A listing of logs received and
claimed scores will be posted on the 070 Club website as they are received.
All entries are subject to verification.

Power - Please keep your power output set to a reasonable level to avoid
QRMing the other guys.

Bonus Stations - You can work each Bonus Station once per band but please do
not ask them to QSY to another band for you. Bonus stations will try to work
as many bands as their equipment and propagation allows to give everyone a
chance for extra points but remember that they are in the contest too. No
guarantee that all Bonus Stations will be active on all bands.

Brag files - Calling "CQ 070" means you are in a contest mode, so no need to
send those brag files. If you want to operate in ragchew mode, send out a
general CQ instead.

Macros - Take advantage of your macro keys. Set up one with your exchange.

Alpha List - A good way to keep track of who you’ve worked. A dupe sheet will
be available from the website. For computer logging check out W3KM's Gen Log

Fun - That’s the whole idea!

Any questions send an e-mail to n3dqu@aol.com.

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