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Hi Jay,

I received my membership certificate (#180) in yesterdays mail.  Thanks to you and Jay.  I'll now be working on the "spots". 

Is there a web site or some other means of finding out what all the different Awards are and the Rules for them?  Also, the same for any PO-DXS (070) contests? 

I have more than enough contacts for the Rag Chewers certificate and will be submitting for it in the very near future. 


070 #180

   Hello Dick - All the information abt the various 070 Club programs is located on the 070 Club website at < > . Here you will find links to other PSK contests, software and news about what some of our members have been up to (read about the Pampanito here). About halfway down the page you will see a set of buttons. Here is a rundown on what you will find here:

    070 Club Rules - Basic rules for the PODXS 070 Club.
    Three Day Weekend - Rules and results for the TDW.
    PSKFest - Rules and results for the PSKFest.
    070 Club Standings - An up-to-date listing of 070 Club member activities.
    Endorsements - A listing of current endorsements and attaboys you can earn to dress up your certificate.
    Alpha List - An alpha-numeric listing of the entire 070 Club membership.
    Application Form - Online form courtesy of AG4CZ. Here you can submit an application to join the 070 Club, apply for QSO spots and endorsements.
    Email Request Form - Get the 070 Club member standings via email.
    Ragchewers - Rules and listing of the 070 Club Ragchewers.

   AOL has been having problems lately with their servers, so you may occasionally get a "server busy" message or a blank screen. Hopefully they will get their problems resolved soon...73 de Jay N3DQU.

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