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Mike Besemer \(WM4B\) <mwbesemer@...>

Here here!


From: [] On Behalf Of kf4fhs
Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 7:29 PM
Subject: [070] Just a small suggestion

Hey Everybody,

I wonder if we could discuss the possibility dropping the signal reports in
the exchange of our contests, and replacing them with the operators name ?
It would kinda make it a little more personal, instead of a canned 599 in
someones exchange macro.

I realise that 599 is quicker to send, but in all honesty it really serves

Unless I'm mistaken,, and if I am, please, someone correct me, but I don't
think a signal report is required for a valid contact.

Any input, either pro or con would be appreciated.

This ain't really one of my peeves,,, just a thought.

73, Bernie

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