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Wow! You must have REALLY wanted to operate the PSKFEST to put up
with all that! (Thanks for the QSOs, by the way.)

I love XMLog, too - I think it is unsurpassed for data management
logging chores. However, it is just about at the bottom of my list
for on-the-air use during a contest. Almost any other logging program
will give you a jump on dupe checking, and some of them will automate
the entire dupe-checking process so you don't need to think about it.

What you want is a program where you type in the call sign, or mouse
click on it, and it tells you instantly whether the contact is a dupe
on that band during that contest. MixW 2's contest mode will do this.
That's what I used, then after the contest was over I exported the
log to an ADIF file and imported it into my general station log in

MixW will also pick up the exchange data automatically. You have to
be careful with this; it will pick up anything that might be part of
the exchange, including lots of two-letter words. If I had let MixW
do this for me without checking, about 20% of my QSOs would have been
falsely recorded as DE, 15% as IN, 5% as OK, but most of the rest
would have been correct. Whenever MixW gets the exchange wrong, you
have to enter it directly into the proper field, but that only
happens on a fraction of QSOs.

As for the preparation of the log submission post-contest, I exported
the log into a regular text file and did a fair bit of manual
massaging with a text editor. I also produced dupe files
(alphabetical lists of call signs by band) and multiplier lists this
way. A spreadsheet program like Excel would have made this post-
contest job a lot easier.

Some software, such as WriteLog, will do the whole thing, from
entering QSOs and dupe checking to preparing the log submission to
exporting the contacts into an ADIF file for QSLing and logging in
the station log.


--- In 070@y..., "kg9ni" <kg9ni@a...> wrote:
After reading the other responses, this is going to sound crazy to
most of you.

I was juggling cats!...I wish now that I had a screenshot of my
desktop computer during the contest.
Ernest, (the long-winded-answer guy)

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