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Mike Besemer \(WM4B\) <mwbesemer@...>

Okay. mine is an OFF-THE-AIR thing, but it bugs me nonetheless!

QSLing. mainly guys who don't/won't. I've been told "I only QSL DX" (in
other words. I don't CARE if you need me. I don't need YOU!).

Also, guys who just plain don't return cards. I was taught (about 30 years
ago) that a QSL was the final courtesy of a QSO. Now admittedly I'm not a
paper-chaser, but after 29 years (much of which was spent moving from
location to location with the Air Force) I thought it'd be nice to finally
complete a WAS. on PSK-31. If I work a new one, I send a QSL. If I don't
hear back, I send an SASE. (I send SASE's to the 'rare' states on the first
attempt.) My return rate for the latest batch of SASE's is 4 out of 20
after 6 weeks. I wonder what the other guy is doing with my stamps?

Okay. rant off.

-- de WM4B


Kathleen, GA


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Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 11:00 AM
Subject: [070] Discussion - Pet PEEVES

Maybe Im becoming a grumpy OM ... but, I thought Id generate a little
discussion on the 070 group by asking what your pet peeves on PSK are.
You know those things you know shouldnt bug you but really DO :).

My 3 BIG ones.

#1 Calling CQ, and another station drops .01 off and calls cq, so you
move and HE MOVES WITH you. Never answers your CQ but everywhere you
go they call CQ. They seem to never want to CALL someone calling CQ
but want to be answerd.

#2 The 17 track wide station. Has RF in the signal and has the mic
gain cranked up with Compression on. Looks and soudns like crap, and
when you politely try to help they either ignore you or get bent outta
shape. I know 1 8 and a 5 that have been like this for years.

#3 Nother CQ effort, When Im calling CQDX ... Im looking for DX, I
dont do it often, I mostly call just CQ. But when calling CQDX I
really hate getting called by stateside guys. Dunno why it bugs me, it
just does.

Anyone else, or should I just sign up for the movie "grumpy old men 3"

Scotty N7HJ

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