Duncan <zl3jt@...>

de Jungle Telegraph
I did not want to have everybody uploading ALL their logs to eqsl! That would be
inane unless you were chasing eqsl awards. My own log was 'filtered' so that only
'unconfirmed' QSOs were uploaded, all 9200 of them. However, those that wish to QSL
ZL3JT by the traditional methods may do so, in addition to an eqsl. I give everybody
a fair go by doing this, but I cannot be expected to bare the cost of direct replies
for cards I do not require. Postage from New Zealand is $NZ 2.00 overseas! Eqsl.cc
resolves a problem for me, and we must encourage the 'Award Committees' to utilise
this very good system. It could become, "The Log Book of the World", that is being
discussed... There is no point in duplicating a good system! Thank you Eqsl!!!

Additionally, I was stating my return rates for my own direct postal requests at
66%, and my Bureau returns at 30%. 73s Duncan

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