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Richard B Drake

When you go to your Inbox or your Archive and look at your list of
QSL's, any new card you have received or old one that you have
archived obviously comes from an entry in the other fellow's log.
If the confirm button appears then you have not yet confirmed the
contact or there is some kind of mismatch such as times that
differ by more than an hour. If the "Sent" message appears then
the QSO has been confirmed in both yours the other fellow's log.
Also in your archive if you are using Internet Explorer (almost
any version) you can use "Edit/Find On This Page" to search for
the word "Confirmed". This will show you any contacts that you
have not yet confirmed. If you don't find that anywhere, then all
the listed QSO's are confirmed both ways. If you are looking for a
specific confirmation, search your Archive for a specific
callsign, if it's there, it's confirmed, if not, it isn't.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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That's interesting, but do they notify the users of the
match? I have never
seen that happen before.
73, Jay -AA8QQ

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