Re: Worked All States: Is anybody out there?

Mike Besemer \(WM4B\) <mwbesemer@...>


Sounds great. I'm pretty much tied up with family stuff until Monday. but
I'm pretty much free all day Monday.

I'd prefer to hook up on 20 if we can, but if we have to 40 will work as
well (or perhaps we can hook up on one then switch to the other, which will
give me 2 bands!)

Propagation on 20 has been flakey here. all I here most of the time is both
coasts and DX, so I don't know when would be a good time to try to hook up
there. it's pretty much short-hop propagation between the two of us.

Let me know what works for you. and maybe you've got a better idea on
propagation than I do.




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Trice, K8IJ
Sent: Friday, July 01, 2005 11:55 PM
Subject: Re: [070] Worked All States: Is anybody out there?

Hi Mike,

K8IJ is QRV on 20 or 40M for a KY PSK31 QSO this weekend. I live in
northern KY and had to search high and low for KY as the last state for my
WAS. I have received my Digital PSK31 WAS certificate from the ARRL and am
very pleased. I'd be very pleased to QSL our QSO this weekend, Mike.

Drop me a note this long weekend and we'll hook up.

Vy 73,

Charlie, K8IJ

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Subject: [070] Worked All States: Is anybody out there?

Greetings all,

I'm trying to finish off my PSK-31 WAS and am missing QSO's with 9 states
(plus 5 more worked but unconfirmed). Several of these states SHOULD be
easy pickin's, but I just haven't had any luck yet. Of course, we worked
many of these states on field day (using my call), but I don't feel right
about using field day contacts for my WAS.

At any rate, if any of you are out there in the following states that I
haven't worked and would be willing to set up a sked (20 or 40 meters), I
can be available at pretty much any time of the day (family permitting!)

North Carolina
New Mexico
South Carolina
West Virginia
Wyoming (We didn't even hear you guys on Field Day!)

And, while I'm at it... the following states I have worked but can't seem
get QSL cards back from (despite the fact that I've sent SASE's TWICE!
Whatever happened to QSL'ing? But I digress!)


Contact me off list if you're willing to set up a sked. I had hoped to
the 070 Firecracker Sprint this weekend to try to fill in the gaps, but
XYL has other plans for me!

73 de WM4B
Kathleen, GA

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