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Richard B Drake

No, I have never had that problem, but here is a clip from the
FAQ's section on The solution is, get a real ISP!

[From FAQ]
Q: I am using AOL and having problems.

A: We have received reports from some users that they cannot log
in or retrieve or send cards because they get error messages.
There are 2 problems with AOL.
They use a custom version of a browser that does not properly
submit forms, and
They "cache" pages inside their network in order to conserve
bandwidth, which causes our system not to work properly.
These problems are not specific to eQSL alone, but to many other
eCommerce sites. On February 20, 2001, we added some code to our
software to try to force the AOL network to stop caching pages,
but we can't guarantee this will always work. We wish there were a
more reliable solution, but the best you can do is to download the
latest browser directly from Microsoft, and try using a different
ISP other than AOL. We are working to find a better solution, but
AOL is not exactly eager to change their entire network and
[End Quote]

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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Hi All, (agn)

Just returned from eQSL (against my will) and wonder if
anyone else has run
into this problem. Some times when I click the
"Confirm" button, it
disconnects the browser and locks up the computer.
Only recourse is to
reboot. This has happened to me on other PC's also. I
run AOL 5.0 (also
happened on 6.0 and 7.0 (hate 6.0, loathe 7.0, probably
won't be a word for
8.0)). It has happened enough times to see the
pattern, so I know the
"confirm" button does it.

Tnx and 73,
Jay - AA8QQ

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