Re: Eqsls

Steve W3HF

I think one of the problems with the eqsl system is that some ops
are just
uploading their whole logs en masse, probably because it is easier for
them to do it that way than to send out individual requests for qsls.
If everyone does it that way, then it is no problem. But some ops
still log on paper (myself included) and have to do a manual search
thru the logs to confirm the contacts. I have gotten eqsl requests for
contest contacts that go all the way back to 1994, and it's pretty
obvious that the guy just dumped his log up to eqsl and doesn't really
need nor want my qsl.
Since I have a "recycled" call sign, I have received a number of eqsls from the years prior to its being issued to me. I simply reject those with the note that it wasn't my callsign then. Too bad--there were some nice countries there. hi hi

I have a bad return rate too on eqsl too, but
for paper qsl's am 100%, because the guy went thru the trouble to put
a stamp on it! Jay N3DQU.
Jay, do you mean that you receive replies 100% of the time when
YOU SEND a paper QSL, or that YOU REPLY 100% of the time
when you are SENT a paper qsl? I think Duncan and Costas were
talking about replies to their own QSLs.

Just checked my eQSLs stats, and I'm at 50%--242 out, 121 in. And
I don't simply upload my log, as the system I use does not export
ADIF. So each of those 242 is a manual entry.

I respond to every QSL that is sent to me, replying in kind (eQSL for
eQSL, direct for direct, bureau for bureau).

For cards I initiate, I would guess that the reply rate for my direct
cards is a bit better than 80% or so, but I have followed up by email
with some that seemed to be dragging. My bureau rate is low now,
but I am sure that many are still "in the system" as I only sent my
very first package to the US bureau in December 2000.


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