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There has been some discussion about eqsl.cc, with people preferring that method
of confirmation.
This is the way a lot of people wish to confirm QSOs and in my opinion, if you are
a DXer in whatever mode you choose, you should join just to reply to the cards that
have been sent you by those people who do not use the existing methods. It doesn't
cost anything but a bit of time! You can also carry on as normal with your QSL collection
by advising the station via your own eqsl, that you expect their card in the traditional
method. In this way you can be selective in requesting the cards you actually need!

By uploading all your unconfirmed QSOs, that you haven't bothered to QSL, you will
allow those that wish a electronic confirmation to do so, and select the ones they
want.... then you continue to collect via the old methods!
I note when I check the site for any call, that there are 100s of unconfirmed QSOs
which is a pity....
How good is your own return??? Mine is 66% direct, 30% via the Bureau :-(
73s Duncan

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