Re: Digipan


Hi Don,

Ok, now I remember what I had to do when I had the exact same problem with

The "Default" macros "appear" to be saved to the default.mac file. In
actuality, they are, But! they are also saved in the Digipan.INI file and
these are what are loaded when you start Digipan. Open the .INI file and
edit these macros, save it, then start Digipan. The macros should be back to
where you want them. What I did after fixing that was set up my new
nonstandard contest macros and save them in a .MAC file with names such as
TDW.MAC or RUMBLE.MAC. Now I only have to load them for the tests, and for
normal ops the everyday macros load with Digipan.

Hope this helps,
73 cu on the waterfall,
Jay - AA8QQ

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