Re: Digipan

Steve W3HF

--- In 070@y..., Don Adamson <don.adamson@g...> wrote:
You are right, screen has the "default.mac" and if I load
it, I
get the same macros as you describe....but not the ones I saved for
Day. Could it be that the program uses the last saved macro as the
That's possible, Don. I'm just not at the computer to play with it.
But you should be able to follow the procedure to save the contest
macros in a contest file, and then get the default set the way you
want it and save those.

In my case, though, I just use the Ctrl-macros for contests, and the
regular (non-shifted ones) for routine QSOs. I have to edit the
contest macros for each contest, but that way I don't confuse myself
with multiple files. It was only at the club station computer that I
messed with the files. And, I hope, most of the time Bill KG6EXF was
able to "unfix" whatever I had done to that station. :-)


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