Re: Digipan

Steve W3HF

--- In 070@y..., Don Adamson <don.adamson@g...> wrote:
Nope. I go there to change to my "everyday macros, called "my
macros"; load
it and I use it for the night's session. Power down the computer
finished. Next night I boot up again and my Field Day stuff is back
in the
macros. Some how the program liked my FD stuff and put it in the
boot up
files and I can't locate the .ini that is doing it.
I think the files have a .mac extension. Somehow you must have
saved the "Field Day" setup. When operating at a club station, I
created my own set of macros and saved them as w3hf.mac. (I'm pretty
sure Digipan set the extension.) You can use a similar procedure.

(Note that I'm working from memory here.)

1. First of all, save what is now the default set of macros as
FieldDay.mac, or something similar. This will preserve them for

2. Then modify the on-screen (default) macros back the way you want
them, and make sure that these get saved in the defaults file.

There's probably a way to simply rename files to effect this, but I
don't want to speculate without trying it first. (I just don't
remember what the "default startup" macros file is called.)

When I get home, I'll look around for the filenames, but someone here
can probably beat me to it. Look for .mac files in the DigiPan


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