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It's the greatest thing since slice bread hi..well moving from the dark ages into the newer digital realm of the QSL card. And just think how many germs get passed arnd on traditional QSL cards hi. You dont know where that hand has been young man. And ARRL is already moving towards Electronic QSL cards in the future that we US hams will have to Pay for like Verisign service hmmm lots of money I see going down the drain with the Log book of the world ARRL's idea.
Something like 10 or 20 dollars for maybe 10 QSL cards sent out . And maybe your right on being charged for EQSL cards but, if everyone makes a donation it will stay free somewhat anyway. And you can get them proffesnial printed out and sent to via snail mail too.
And for me on my very very very limited budget Eqsl is right up my alley. Give em 5 dollars and exchange 2000 QSL's that a bargain too me. But, I guess the future will tell us everthing abt it. And it wil all come out in the wash. 73

Yuck, eQSLing is easy, but so impersonal and to print the "cards" you
have to print an entire sheet just to get one "card". Not to
mention, the cards are ugly and you can't write comments. Just won't
ever seem like real QSLs. Not to mention, there will be a day when
they feel they have enough people "hooked" on the service, then
they'll start charging for the use of it. I can see it coming.

Duffy - WB8NUT

--- In 070@y..., "Sean &#92;(G4UCJ&#92;)" <g4ucj.shack@n...> wrote:
Hi All, the eqsl service is free to register and collect
cards/upload log files. You can make a donation if you wish, but most
of the facilities are free. I have received nearly 500 eqsl's and
have uploaded my complete 2001 log to eqsl. The "authenticity
guarantee" is also free, just email a scanned copy of your license. I
like the eqsl service but also like real cards too. If anyone has had
a qso with me in the last year, go onto eqsl and your card will be
waiting. Like the others, I have not paid a penny for this service,
although the guilt factor is telling me that I should make a donation.
Sean Gilbert G4UCJ
IO92PA SP93 EU005

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