Re: Computer logging the PSKFest

Beischel <wb8nut@...>

I recently started using MixW and registered it about a week later
after I played with it extensively. The logging function is built in
to this multi digital mode program. Prior to the contest, I set up
macros just the way I wanted them for the contest. MixW
automatically indentifies the other station's call when it comes
across the screen. You just click on the call at it goes into the log
and the program will tell you if it is new, a new DXCC, new WPX or a
previous dupe. As a result, everything was automatically logged and
very rarely did I do any typing to work the contest. Just a lot of
clicking of the mouse on the screen.

Duffy - WB8NUT

--- In 070@y..., N3DQU@a... wrote:
So who all used a computer to log the PSKFest? Any good/bad
experiences to
relate? I used W3KM's Gen Log. First time I had ever used a
computer logger,
and except for a glitch that I may have caused myself, the program
worked fb!
Jay N3DQU.

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