Re: Computer logging the PSKFest



Now that I have read a few responses to this question,
I'm almost embarrassed to say that I used a Crown
Zellerbach product called paper 1.1 and Eberhardt Faber
pencil ver 1.01.

I'm kinda new at this, and I have not yet figured out how
to make Digipan, logging program, rig control program,
and antenna pointing programs run simultaneously......
but the trusty pencil never fails.

It gets pretty complicated scanning entries for dupes;
especially when it's near the end and sleep deprivation
causes one to miss obvious dupes. (I almost missed one
dupe for a station I had worked just 5 minutes earlier!!!).

There's no doubt though, that as PSK contest competition
gets keener and more tightly contested, some level of
automation will be required for the single op
category...... so come on folks! Gimme the solution! I
want a logging program that automatically records the
exchange from the data available on screen, initiated by
the next transmit. No entries, no drag and drop, no
keyboarding the data, no commands, no mouse clicks; just
a good screen capture of the qso exchange data already
available on the screen.

Gimme that, and I'll toss the pencil and paper. I'll
even PAY for it!.

73, Bill

So who all used a computer to log the PSKFest? Any good/bad experiences to
relate? I used W3KM's Gen Log. First time I had ever used a computer logger,
and except for a glitch that I may have caused myself, the program worked fb!
Jay N3DQU.

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