Re: Computer logging the PSKFest

kg9ni <kg9ni@...>

After reading the other responses, this is going to sound crazy to
most of you.

I was juggling cats!...I wish now that I had a screenshot of my
desktop computer during the contest. Here's the scenario: digipan
running in 1/2 of my screen. Upper right corner of the screen has my
general purpose freeware logger that I absolutely love (but I've tried
nothing else)--XMLog. The lower right corner had Excel with a
spreadsheet set up to function as a dupe sheet.

Here's the procedure that I I said--this is nuts!:

1. On contact, I start the cold/lifeless macro exchange; edit the rst
in the text if not 599--most were--even the little guys! (really!).
2. Use the mouse to copy the call from Digipan (right click, "copy").

3. I hit "add new" in XMLog which auto-completes the
time/date/mode/power/and frequency (through connection with radio) and
paste the call into the record. (right click, "paste" or CTRL-V)
4. Record the RST in the fields & hit ADD goes into the
database and completes the name/address information from the QRZ
5. Then copy the call to the excel spreadsheet and place an X in the
appropriate column. I was busier than a 1-armed paperhanger (no
offense intended to any 1-armed paperhangers that are out there).
Occassionally sort the sheet by call...try to see where dupes are in
6. Okay, one QSO down...repeat until braindead.

I am certainly wishing for some contest software for next time! :) The
system worked, but it could have been easier....I eventually fell into
a routine. I think my mouse decided it had enough and wanted to find
employment elsewhere, but I held it firmly in place until the end! ;)

Ernest, (the long-winded-answer guy)

--- In 070@y..., N3DQU@a... wrote:
So who all used a computer to log the PSKFest? Any good/bad
experiences to
relate? I used W3KM's Gen Log. First time I had ever used a computer
and except for a glitch that I may have caused myself, the program
worked fb!
Jay N3DQU.

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