Re: RTTY Software

Steve W3HF

What do you use for sound-card-based RTTY (if you use it)?
I managed to get MMTTY up and running and I'm not the greatest with
the learning curve Steve! Did you remember to put another quarter in the
slot?? Jay N3DQU.
No, Jay, my computer only eats zip disks. hi hi (Actually, it did until
I replaced the drive. Click of Death they called it.)

Just a few minutes ago I figured out that the RTTY convention is
LSB on all bands, and my digital mode interface into the 817
defaults to USB. Took me a while to make the connection. So I have
had my mark/space inverted all the time. A click of the REV button
and I managed to start decoding a little.

Fortunately PSK is symmetrical, and insensitive to USB/LSB
conventions. (Not true of QPSK, though. That's why there's an Invert
selection in the PSK software.)


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