PSKFEST - great fun!

Charlie Trice, K8IJ <k8ij@...>

Hi folks,
Thanks to all for the PSKFEST - the QSOs, the management and all the great fun.
My stats/comments:
Total QSOs = 196
Dupes = 7 (Was the dupe with Steve, N6YIH/7 a test???)
States = 41
DX = 19
Ran 30 watts with a vertical.
1st highpoint: working KA3X and N3DQU back to back.
2nd highpoint: finally snagging HI when Rick, KH7O called me.
Worked all 4 PODXS fellas and worked WB5NHL, K0CIE and VE3IAY each 3 times - thanks!
Worked only Ontario in VEland.
I still think RST is a waste of time.  I'm still not sure how it applies to PSK31 anyway.  Exchanging names makes it more personal, even in the hit and run environment of a contest.
Would I do it again?  You bet!
Vy 73,
Chas, K8IJ

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