Re: eQSL (was Digital DXCC)

Steve W3HF

FWIW, I am both registered and "Authenticity Guaranteed." AG
doesn't cost anything--you only have to email a scan of your
license. But to be eligible for their awards (eDX100, etc) you do
have to have made a financial contribution.

Like most, I also prefer paper QSLs. I try to QSL all DX contacts,
and will respond to anyone domestically who requests a card. (I also
send directly, without request, a card to anyone who says it's their
first PSK QSO.) But at least there is one award that does accept
eQSLs, and that is PODXS's own DPX award. For that reason, I
have started going through my log and submitting eQSLs for prefixes
for which I don't have the paper version.


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