Re: PSKFEST experiences

Dieter, DL2RR <dl2rr@...>

Hello Demetre,
I hope you hear me not at the same time all over 20m, ha ha ha. Indeed I had
some problems to tune the PA well for most output while less distortions.

I believe you know the situation, when other stations came closer and closer
from both sides. They don't hear you and you have to QSY.

Your signal was also very pretty and strong here in soutwest Germany.

cuagn and 73's de Dieter

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: On Mon, 21 January 2002, "Dieter, DL2RR" wrote:
: Hey Dieter,
: You were all over 20m, everytime I thought I had found a
: strong signal to call it was you :-)
: VE3IAY called me too, he gave me a 599 (I just hope this
: wasn't just a macro), I also managed several stateside
: calls, Texas was the highlight of my US contacts. Another
: nice call was the Isle of Man.
: QRP is fun, although a little frustrating when you are not
: heard...
: 73
: Demetre - SV1ENS

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