Re: PSKFEST experiences

Dieter, DL2RR <dl2rr@...>

it harms that we don't came together. At late afternoon (local) the first W
came up, but with weak and very changefully signals. My experiences is this
contest is, you need a very good antenna to use QRP successfully.
I plan to mount a single LOOP for only 20 m if the weather permits it. It's
no fun to work in the roof at temperatures down to -18�C, hi. All parts are
situated already here, including a simple rotor for tv antennas. Hope to
finish it befor the Spring Rumble.

hope to cu, 73's de Dieter

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: Dieter -
: I heard you a few times and tried to call you, but was QRMed
: (unintentionally I'm sure) by a larger station. When I tried to go back
: to you later, I couldn't find you any more.
: So your signal was making it across the pond, but QRP-to-QRP is
: difficult in a contest setting. But 66 QSOs on 20m alone is very
: good, more than I did on 20m, and comparable to what I did using
: my PSK-20 during the two Rumbles last year.
: Steve
: W3HF

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