Re: PSKFEST experiences


On Mon, 21 January 2002, "Dieter, DL2RR" wrote:

Hey Dieter,

You were all over 20m, everytime I thought I had found a
strong signal to call it was you :-)
VE3IAY called me too, he gave me a 599 (I just hope this
wasn't just a macro), I also managed several stateside
calls, Texas was the highlight of my US contacts. Another
nice call was the Isle of Man.
QRP is fun, although a little frustrating when you are not

Demetre - SV1ENS

I tried to use my PSK20 (tuned a little up to 4 watts) within the contest
with fewer success, than I expected. Antennas were a Diamond CP6 and a
windom FD4. There was no great difference while contacting Europeans, and DX
was a luck play. On late afternoon fell my success rate decreased on 1 QSO
per hour. Highlight for me was VE3IAY (he called me !!!), and the effort to
get Ernie, WM2U, hi.

Total result were 66 contacts and 22 multipliers, all on 20 meters only.

Nevertheless it made fun. But I believe, 20m single band was under no
circumstances the best choice during this contest when 15/10m were open.
However, it was a good possibility to test the device.

cuagn again on the band in next contest.

73's de Dieter - DL2RR

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