Re: Hawaii on 20Mtrs - Guess What?

Steve W3HF

Lenny -

Congratulations! Now if only you could have gotten him 25 hours
earlier, for that extra multiplier ... naw, don't get greedy.


Just worked KH7O (Tnx Rick!) There are propagation Gods after all. I
was just abt to close everything down and decided to take 'one more
look at 20mtrs'. There were a few marginal signals, clicked around and
there was Rick. Heart started to pound, fingers were sweaty, said my
prayers to the propagation Gods...then called him. Waited a few
seconds getting ready to call him agn then, K2LAM DE KH7O. Wooopie!.
The last state is always the BEST!. OK, I feel better now.... 73 all,
Lenny K2LAM

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