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Ernest Mills <emills@...>

Hi Steve,
Hey! got you as well eh! so thanks for the points. Uhmm! I wish I had
seen N6YIH but ...

I think the Class of 2001 was the first class. Check with Jay eh! 73

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I really wanted to work all the PODXS Class of 2001. Thanks Erika
DL2AYL but where were Steve N6YIH and John AG4CZ. ?

Thanks again and 73 Ernie
I never saw John, but found Steve on 15m just before the end.

And is there a listing of "class year" for us 070ers? Other than
knowing that I must be class of 2000 (#025, dated 12/24/00), and
picking up a few other certificate numbers from the TDW, I'm not
sure where to get the rest of the information.


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