Logs for the PSK fest


OK so I now know why Jay asked me to Check the logs for the PSK Fest.
After the contest I ran to send my log to JAY so I could be the first one on the web page and be TOP DOG (at least for a short time) BUT I already had logs in the e-mail here and the contest just ended. Some of you all are really fast!

As I receive each log I am sending a reply back that I received the log and Thanks for playing, and other notes if you ask something.

So if you do not receive a note back in a day or two, send me a note again to see what I am doing or if I went to sleep.

Now give me a day or two to go over the log and send the info to Jay for the web page.

Jay will need a week or two to get my input to him on the web page.

So after you receive the note back from me and you DO NOT see you call on the web page in a day or 4, PLEASEĀ  PLEASE send me a note to see If I went to sleep or did some other dumb thing and did not get the data to JAY.

Well, I had fun and enjoyed the contest.


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