Re: After the Fest

bernie_kf4fhs <kf4fhs@...>

Hi All,

First, Thanks to the 070 guys for the PSKFest, it's the most
enjoyable way I can think of to be kept awake all night(well almost).

Who shut the DX gate to the Northwest ? I saw a lot of one sided
QSO's where folks were working our friends across the pond, but not
much coming back to WA.

I managed to get 183 Q's and 46 Multi's ( 6 DXCC, 3 Provinces, 36
States and Pennsylvania :-) (sorry Jay(s), but I couldn't resist).

As far as ragchewers go, I don't mind taking a couple minutes to
say hello to someone and tell them about the 070 club, you never
know, it may inspire them to join the club, and that would be another
multiplier for the TDW :-)

Thanks Again Guys & 73,
Bernie / KF4FHS

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