Re: PSKFEST experiences

Steve W3HF

To the gang -

First of all, let me echo Dave (WB5NHL) 's comments about thanks
for those of you that were listening for the little guys. I know it was
hard for you to dig the signal out of the noise at some times, but
it's an ego boost to then get a 599 report. hi hi

(And Dave, we'll have to set up a schedule for next time. We
should be 5/5 given our locations.)

For Russ's (KU4FP) benefit, my station was a Yaesu FT-817
running five watts, with 40m, 20m, and 10m dipoles in the attic (of
a two-story, aluminum-sided house). The 40m seems to work
pretty well (as expected) on 15m, and I was even able to load up
the 40m on 80 to snag a few QSOs there. Used DigiPan v1.5 for
the PSK software, and FT-817 Commander for control of the radio.

Totals were 118 contacts on all five bands, approximately 60
multipliers (33 states, 4 VE provinces, and 23 DX entities). 99
unique calls. These are initial totals, subject to revision.

High points were:

- working Jeremy ZD8JA on two bands, for a new country and IOTA
- working KH7B on 20m (thanks Kala, and to Lenny: sorry for
mentioning it)
- working VX4XA for a new Canadian province

Low points were the times I tried to transmit on the wrong antenna
for the band I had tuned the radio to. I remembered to switch the
rig, and even reset the tuning on the MFJ antenna tuner, but forgot
to flip the antenna switch, too. (That includes the 20m QSO with
AA8QQ, when I was on the 40m dipole. You thought it was YOUR
antenna, Jay.)

Apologies to KC0EFZ and WB4JFS for duping them on 20m.

Scored 3 of the 4 PODXSers--never heard KA3X this time.

And the winners of the "who can contact W3HF the most times
during the contest" were K0CIE and KG9NI, at three times each
(10/15/20 and 15/20/40, respectively). Fifteen others found me on
two bands. Maybe I should initiate an "I worked W3HF on all five
bands" award or 070 endorsement for the next contest.

Thanks to all for a great time.


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