Re: PSKFEST - Getting Ready

Demetre Koumanakos <sv1ens@...>

Hi Gang, Costas,

This was my first contest and I really enjoyed it, I'll most definitely
participate again :-)
The problems I faced other than not being heard on the pileup with my 5
watts, was
the many different dxcc designators I got from our Russian friends, RU, RA,
UA, UR ect.

I used two programs for logging, 1) GenLog worked well, but was very
sensitive to the dxcc
mistakes, 2) MixW worked nicely but did not report dxcc as detailed as I
would like it,
anyway between the two and the hard copy of the iota dxcc list, I managed to
get things done :-)

I personally did not mind the rag chewers, I had time to spare between
successful QRP calls.
I managed to work on 20m with my bent (from the last snowstorm) vertical and
10m on a converted
CB antenna for about 7 hours total, the rest of the time the bands were
simply deaf to my signal

totaling 55 QRP contacts with 36 multipliers.
It was pleasing seeing several SV's participating, also nice to see about
80% of the DXers who I
contacted were actually participating on PSKFEST...

So, all in all, a success for PSK and 070.

Demetre - SV1ENS

BTW I have faced two problems:

1. too many replies to CQ CONTEST by non participant, who
must be then guided how to give the proper contest exchange

2. Lots of non-standard exchanges: Russia as either RA
and RU. Italy as "I", "ITA" and "Italy", Greece
as "Greece" and "SV", Asiatic Russia as "AR" and "RU9" etc.
In my logs I intend to replace non-standard prefixe exchanges
with the ones specified in the DXCC booklet.

Costas SV1XV

| Costas Krallis SV1XV * LOC KM18UA |
| P.O.Box 3066 * E-Mail: |
| GR-10210 Athens * PGP key: 0x3BDBBC34 |
| GREECE * |
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