Re: TDW Update and other stuff

Bob <k3cko@...>

I agree with you Bob. I will not be on the WARC bands either. I can have
enough fun with the standard bands.


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Hi all,

I talked to a local ham about this.
He said it was an international agreement not just the ARRL.
I for one will NOT be on 12m or17m for the contest.
I think we will be looking for trouble if we do.
I am not a big gun. I am running 20w to ground mounted vertical.
I hope to see all of u on 20m, 15m and 10m or early on 80m and 40m 06:00
I still need two hotdogs. KA3X and N3XC.
Where are u guys?????

Have a gud weekend cul.

de k5sit 73

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