Lots of FUN! PSKFEST rocks!

kg9ni <kg9ni@...>

Hello all! It was great making the PSKFEST contacts with many of you
during the PSKFEST, but kind of missed the conversation that usually
goes along with psk31 contacts. This was my first contest & it was
very exciting and fun for me. I used 30 watts, digipan, and a
multiband dipole @ abt 35 ft.

I only had a few contacts that didn't realize/recognize that the 'fest
was happening...and those contacts were good opportunities to have a
short chat to try to regain a bit of sanity after hours of punching
cold macros. ;) One thing I did notice, which seemed very different
(and fantastic) from everyday psk31 is that the really nasty, wide,
and poorly adjusted signals were almost non-existent! It is an every
day occurrence on 20m (mostly) to see a signal that nearly obliterates
the passband...what happened? Most of the signals that I was able to
see on the waterfall were very nice & clean; however I do recall one
particular signal that had a "starburst" distortion pattern to it...I
had never seen that before. The "echoes" from the originating
signal radiated out on either side of the signal on the
waterfall...that was tough to deal with. Anyone else see that/have
any idea of what was going on?

**If** I've counted everything up correctly, I made 197 countable
contacts, some stations on muliple bands & including a total of 19 DX
contacts; 163 unique calls in total. 54 unique SPC multipliers: 37
states (incl. kh7o!-tnx!), 3 provinces, and 14 DX.

The above list is from my logging program; I've got to go back and
double check the DXCC list to ensure these are all unique & valid

Logs and dupe sheet posted at: http://www.qsl.net/kg9ni/log.html
On my dupe sheet, I had omitted counting OK2MF as an additional unique
SPC, as I was just looking at the SPC info from the contacts & thought
it was Oklahoma at first...I'll be making that correction as soon as I
can get to it.

I wish I had been able to work N3XC...after looking at the logs I got
3 of the 4 contacts needed for the "I worked 'em all" 070 certificate
endorsement! :) I'll keep looking for him...

The PSKFEST was a blast...I'm looking forward to the next one! I hope
to get to chat with you all at a more leisurely pace on the bands
between now and then.

Ernest (kg9ni)

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