Re: After the fest


Hi all,

What a difference a nights sleep makes!

Thanks to each of you who I worked during the fest. What
a great crowd to hang with!

After the smoke (and the propogation fog) cleared, it
looks like 188 Qs and 48 Ms with hardly any DX at all.
It was real frustrating hearing the rest of you working
all over Europe, but I couldnt hear a peep on those
antenna headings. I even checked long path to no

A couple of conclusions:

1. 0700 to 1400 Z was a waste of time.

2. I never thought of 80M as a contest band, but thanks
to those half dozen or so hardy souls on 3.5, the wee
hours were not a total loss.

3. When the propogation is not totally shut down,
there's never a need for more than 30 watts of power on
PSK-31. A good antenna make all the difference. When the
band is dead, more power just heats the atmosphere.......
Hmmmmmm.....maybe that's why we have global warming.......

4. Where else would you find 100 greedy contesters
successfully crammed into 1 Khz of bandwidth???? Amazing!

Thanks to you 070 guys who put this contest together. It
was real fun.

73, Bill Schwantes

Hi All,
Had a really great time on this PSK contest, but that's nothing new.
Made 80 or 81 QSO's with 38 mults, QRP on 80 thru 10. I deleted a possible
QSO with CT4MS, so if you could check your log Leonel and let me know if I'm
in there I would appreciate it.

Used GenLog for the first time. Learned to use it on the fly. All in all, a
very nice logging program. Nice enough that I'm giving up on my logger. No
sense reinventing the wheel. So if you see a note on the PODXS 070 page
saying to wait for my logger, ignore it, that's old history. I'll give my
input to Dave and let him use any of my ideas for the good of all.

I wonder how many have worked more than 100 QSO's. Seems AOL is having
internal problems displaying some pages. Keeps saying "Server Busy" so
don't be surprised if you get such a message when you goto the results page.

73 for now, see you all going over my waterfall.

de AA8QQ - Jay

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