Very nice contest. Almost double previous totals,
71 QSO's, 62 Multipliers on 80-10. All with 5 watts
and in antenna restricted townhouse. Checkout for my antenna details.
Thanks to everyone listening for the little guys. To
everyone with only transmitters and CQ PSKFEST tapes
maybe next time. OBTW, the most important 2 points

1. Met Jay (twice) nice quick chat between us PA's

2. Worked HI first time, Yup 5 watts and an attic
dipole on 20M, it can be done. Thanks KH7B (KH7O maybe
next time), now for the card. XYL volunteering for
hand delivery

One more thought, I agree with Charlie, name is much
more meaningful and RST. I only got 2 other than 599.
I never had such a strong signal worldwide hi hi.

Finally, Thanks to everyone of the organizers. As Jay
noted in our QSO "looks like a keeper."

73, Dave WB5NHL

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