Zoltan Bordas <borzol@...>

Hello to all,

And agree with all (Erika, Steve and Ludek)...

Btw I have an eQSL from Jose, true that on SSB mode not PSK31, but I
received it. I dont't know I had a gap in the rerejectin procedure, or he
changed his policy...

Thanks to alert us about VU2TRI. I had another PSK QSO with a VU station on
PSK, VU2KFR who asked also only for direct QSLing. I don't know for how many
IRC's, but let's not assume everybody want to become rich via envelopes...
But I have several very awaited QSLs via bureau (VU2BK, VU2EPR, VU3DJQ).

73 de Zoli / YO5CRQ

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