Steve W3HF

de Jungle Telegraph
I had the same email from the 'Webmaster' that Ludek got re: EA9CD
direct only via address... I can say the words you want on
your behalf Ludek! I also have an eqsl from Jose, EA9CD, for a 15M psk
QSO, but my 20M one was rejected like Ludek's. I emailed Jose and
expressed my surprise at the 'rejection' and explained that he had a
choice... My QSO with him on 20M is valid, and cannot be 'rejected' on
the grounds of 'direct only'... Jose's choice is to take my eqsl from
my log or not...that is entirely up to him, but I also explained that
if wanted my direct qsl card...I am direct only like him, via
and please include sufficient return postage to cover my costs! If
Jose does not choose to reply to valid QSOs on these grounds, he
should notify the Webmaster of his eminent resignation from the page...and then become another statistic in the green stamp
black hole... Jose's card is a nice colour picture of himself too!
Pity! If Jose receives this general email to the 070 group, then I say
to him on behalf of all of us, accept requests or resign! You
are defeating the purpose of this excellent system... 73s to all..

Duncan (and Ludek) -

I agree completely. I can understand not wanting to hassle with
bureau QSLs. And I can understand not bothering to check or
respond to eQSLs. But to be a member of eQSL only for the
purpose of rejecting them (to request a direct QSL) is a tacit misuse
of the eQSL system.

Seems to me that this may be an issue that eQSL itself may be
interested in.


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