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Also, from the comments received about holding the TDW on 17 and 12m, it
appears that the ayes far outnumber the nays. So as it stands now, we will
still run the TDW on the WARC bands as originally planned, 30m excluded of

Helly Jay & 070 Club Members:

I've sat back now for a few days trying to digest all the input you've
received here on the PODXS 070 Reflector and I must say I'm really surprised!
However, NOT pleasantly surprised!! I'll try to explain myself.

It seems that a number of those that have replied to the question about using
the WARC Bands for your upcoming contests are in favor of this practice. To
me this is totally mind blowing! I mean, why would any of our digital users
want to break a "gentleman's agreement" that's been in existence since US
Amateurs were permitted use of the WARC Bands? Does this mean I'm in total
agreement with this gentlemen's agreement....NO!  Does this mean that I don't
think the digital users could use additional band allocations...NO! So, what
does this really mean? I think by contesting on the WARC BANDS in any way,
shape or form, clearly sends a message of disrespect. Like them or not,
gentlemen's agreements have been part of Amateur Radio for more years then I
care to think about.

Take a look at a lot of our DX windows for example, I know a good share of
you like to chase DX. What if I began to tell folks on here to "just go ahead
and start a ragchew net in the middle of the 20 Meter DX window," would any
of you find this wrong? Or, how about holding a SSTV Net on 3.800 KHz?
Nothing the matter with this, right? After all--a good number of you have
already expressed that they don't give a hoot about some lousy old
"gentlemen's agreements!" Maybe we should encourage more of our HF Packet
users to fire up their "rap-blapppp boxes" right on 14.070 MHz, after all
they shouldn't worry about any gentlemen's agreement crapola.

Well, my friends, I hope you'll do a little rethinking before you take
actions that could reflect negatively on all of us PSK'ers. One of your very
own members Rich, W3ZJ, said it right--"
There is enough space for contesting
without infringing on the WARC bands. We can and should honor the original
gentlemen's agreement and keep all contests off the WARC bands without
exception."  Another reply to the WARC Band conversation came from John,
AG4CZ, who said the following, "However, the 'gentleman's agreement' has one
big point going for it. It rules out the whole discussion of how much
contesting is too much on these bands. By following it there is no decision
to be made nor line to creep forward. More appropriate to answer may be, do
we want to be the one's who broke the 'agreement'?

In closing... I hope that NOBODY gets their nose out of shape over what I've
just said. Yes, its how I truly feel and I thought that I would share it with
you folks. If you're head strong on change, do it the right way! I think the
PODXS 070 Club has a lot to offer this hobby. I also believe you've gained a
lot of attention in the short period of time you've been
in existence. The actions you're about to take could have lasting

Thank you for you time and I hope to print you soon.

73 de NY2U Bill Eddy


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