Re: psk or PSK

Dave Kjellquist, WB5NHL

Thanks for the tips on psk operation. I learned just a little while back that lower case was faster and a little
less prone to errors. I never run over 5 watts with only indoor dipoles so I need all the help I can get. I have a
couple more tips:

1. Use a spectrum display rather than a waterfall. I can detect and communicate with much weaker signals.
Often, I get a comment that my signal can't be seen on the waterfall yet we will carry on a QSO. Perhaps not
armchair copy, but for errorless copy use IRC.

2. Kill the squelch. I use Hamscope on the "contest mode" only. Yes, I get random characters etc but this is the
same as listening to hiss as your tuning around in SSB or inband noise when your going after that weak one.
Squelch only causes the loss of the weak signals.

Just some thoughts from one of the little guys.

Dave, WB5NHL

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