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Duncan McMahon <zl3jt@...>

de Jungle Telegraph....Gidday!
I notice there is a penchant by some to type their psk text in the upper case(?)
I suppose I could call myself 'experienced' with this mode and I would like to tell
those that do this 'lazy' typing, that it is more prone to faults if this is psk
mode is done this way...
It takes a little bit longer for psk31 to send a CAPITAL LETTER, and if conditions
are marginal (QSB/QRN/QRM) then this method has a greater error rate. That is it
may be the difference between making it or not making it to the DX station.... Watch
carefully when you know a 'macro' is being sent to you....
To test my theory I typed the same macro in both upper and lower is a
surprising difference in speed!
You really don't need to try to keep ahead of the buffer...
;-)....Also when trying to 'break' into a QSO, just set a macro with only your callsign
once... then TX in the gap! If you send a long call you will probably be 'doubling'
with someone else and computers can't figure that out!
I do it from far, far away with a fair bit of success in the pile-ups! pssst! Don't
tell anyone!
happy pskin' in 2k2!

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