TDW Update and other stuff


Looks like Frank VK3BFC, who was to be a designated bonus station for the
TDW will not be able to participate due to other plans at home. If there is a
DX station out there who would like to take over Frank's slot as a bonus
station, please send an email to with your request.
Also, from the comments received about holding the TDW on 17 and 12m, it
appears that the ayes far outnumber the nays. So as it stands now, we will
still run the TDW on the WARC bands as originally planned, 30m excluded of
If the Yahoo reflector seems unusually quiet, it is because messages are
still not getting thru in a timely manner, especially for aol addressees. I
am still waiting for word from Yahoo about the problem. Sorry for the
inconvenience. Jay, N3DQU.

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