Hey guys, the PSKFest is only two short weeks away would you believe!
Well, I did manage to get the event listed in QST and Worldradio, but
unfortunately I submitted the PSKFest Rules for publication before we decided
to delete the serial number as part of the contest exchange. The rules
posted on the 070 website are correct, but I suspect we will run across a
PSKer or two out there who didn't get the word about the change or don't
have access to the internet and will insist on a serial number from you. So
if you have a spare macro you aren't going to be using that weekend, suggest
you set it up to say something like "Contest rules were changed om, only RST
and SPC required for exchange." Hopefully, he will say thanks and let you go
without much of a fight hi! Jay

de 'dqu on da palm ..

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