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Well this opens up a whole discussion of how big is big and how small is small, and how many contesters does it take to annoy those who consider contests to be nothing more than a disruption to their normal activities. One of the great things about ham radio is that it's a hobby of many facets. When we get tired of one we can enjoy another. I enjoy contesting and often take part but I also have a regular weekly schedule with some of my oldest and dearest friends on 15 meters every Saturday morning. On contest weekends we QSY to 17 meters where propagation is not quite as good for us but at least we can hold a clear frequency for an hour or so. Don't even think about stepping on that. There is enough space for contesting without infringing on the WARC bands. We can and should honor the original gentlemen's agreement and keep all contests off the WARC bands without exception.
73, Rich - W3ZJ

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OK I can understand the ARRL point of no contesting for Field day and any big
event but I don't see a problem with us on there for the TDW event.

I will go with the powers that be say, is fine with me.
Without the WARC bands it will be a little easier to find everyone.

I should have the new antenna up by then so that should help me here anyway,
maybe I can even print a DL station or two that would be special here have
not seen any DL stations here since the DX-DL award came out.

Boise Home of the BIG pile ups! HI HI

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