Re: Jenny EZ8AQ

Steve W3HF

At 02:14 29/12/2001 +1200, you wrote:

Gentlemen! The Rare DX station DOES NOT NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU
HAVE A SOUNDBLASTER SOUNDCARD, unless of course, he asks you!
And telling them how fast your computer is and how much ram
you've got only frustrates all those who want a contact....
Please stick to the relevant info and we can all get a call...
RST, Name and QTH is all that is required..even the local
temperature is he not on the other side of
the globe!
Well said, dear Duncan, the PSK-31 people are notorious
their for long transmissions, compared to RTTY (Baudot)
DXers. It's a good idea to keep transmissions short when:

1. Working DX pile-ups

2. Facing changing propagation conditions and slow QSB.

Best 73

Costas SV1XV

Or, I might add, when working QRP. I may indicate that I'm QRP,
but only if the other op seems to want to "chat" a little.

I save the really long brag files (with hard disk size, monitor type,
printer, and color of case) for my very good friends. :-)


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