John AG4CZ <ag4cz@...>

I too can understand the ARRL's point of view. This is only a point
of view as far as we go, we are not bound to their decision or
the 'gentleman's agreement'. However, the 'gentleman's agreement' has
one big point going for it. It rules out the whole discussion of how
much contesting is too much on these bands. By following it there is
no decision to be made nor line to creep forward.
More appropriate to answer may be, do we want to be the one's who
broke the 'agreement'?
In the end it doesn't really matter as long as 'we' have more fun
than headache doing it.
John AG4CZ
OK I can understand the ARRL point of no contesting for Field day
and any big
event but I don't see a problem with us on there for the TDW event.

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