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At 23:35 28/12/2001 +1200, you wrote:

I was fortunate to get EZ8AQ on 15M at 1010Z, but too many incompetent
ops keep calling and standby!! Never finished my QSO...
Jenny is active but please be patient...and good luck Erica!....73!

Me too, at 0738 UTC. Real S9+5 dB over here. He uses 150 W on
quad antenna. QSL is via DJ1MM.

It is digusting every time a new one turns up, they keep calling
and calling so actually nobody has a chance.
It's the direct result of DX-cluster. Without DX-cluster
you cannot work SSB DX because they don't identify. With
DX-cluster, the pile-up is created within seconds. A few
days ago I heard 7Q7LA callign CQ in CW and we had a nice
chat for a while. As soon as I signed SK, a huge pile up
started instantaneously, making further contacts with
7Q7LA nearly impossible.

Happy New Year

73 Costas

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