TS-890 Issues

Jim K5SP

Gentlemen, I have output and firmly believe the TS-890 itself is the issue.

It appears that turning the data mode on using the Data Button on the rig does not select the USB Audio as the data source.  I started ACRP-890, an external Kenwood Rig control program, noticed in the status bar at the bottom said ACC-2 was the modulation source, also while the rig indicated USB-D, the ACRP program showed just USB as the mode.  After clicking the DATA button on the ACRP-890 software, the ACRP software correctly displayed the mode as USB-D, and the modulation source at the bottom correctly showed USB audio as the modulation source.  Upon clickin CQ in my MixW software it keyed, and I had power out of the rig.  I was able conduct a QSO with WA5AMM in South Carolina.

This morning, I fired up the rig, and attempted to use MixW to CQ, had the rig displaying USB-D, no power out.  I went to ACRP-890, noticed the modulation was back to ACC-2, mode displayed as USB. Had to click the Data button in ACRP to get it to show USB-D and the USB Audio as modulation sourcc. I was able then to transmit the CQ with power out.

So, something is awry in the rig.  I should not have to have ACRP running and go through all these steps to operate every time I turn the rig on.  The rig should be completely self-functional, and operate all features as a stand alone entity. 

Again thanks to all for assistance.  I am currently attempting to get Kenwood Customer Support to agree, and be able to return this defective rig to the dealer for replacement.

Jim K5SP

Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director

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