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I saw you shortly after you worked Rick N7WE but then cam an Olivia signal right on top of you and then you were gone.   Sadly, FN45 was the last Grid I needed for NH. 
At least here in WY, those guys like to work 14.072+ so would it be possible for you to work a little lower on the waterfall?   
Safe travels and thanks for your efforts.  

On Mon, Sep 5, 2022, 8:50 PM Richard Rohrer <kc3ef@...> wrote:
Today was a tuff slog on the bands.  We left Springfield, Mass and there was almost no activity on FT8 which seems like a bad sign for propagation.  Called a bunch of times with no answers.  Did not even see another trace.  Rained all the way thru MA and into VT.  Visited a couple of histroic sites and then headed North toward CA.  When we got to FN45 stopped at a shopping center and gave a couple of calls.  No answers, found that the audio from the computer was not going into the radio.  Rebooted and called N7WE and low and behold he appeared.  Worked Rick and then John, KC3FL gave me a call and work him.  Both had really good signals into the Northland.  Saw a couple of other traces down the band, but did not see any other callers.  Headed on into CA and has a 1 hour wait at the border and were the only vehicle that did not have Quebec plates.  Staying near Quebec City tonight and then heading back down to Maine.  Plan on a POTA activation at Aroostick Wild Life Refuge during the afternoon.  We were not able to use our cell phones in CA since we don't have international roaming, but will be able to post our location when we get back into Maine.  

Dick - KC3EF

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